Seiko vs Rolex

Seiko vs Rolex Reviews

Is spending thousands of dollars more on a Rolex worth it?

There is a hot debate on the web right now on whether spending thousands of dollars more on a Rolex is worth it, when you could easily buy a $400 Seiko and have the same quality. These are the premises; now let’s get into the details. Remember that this is just an opinion. It is for you to decide whether a Rolex or a Seiko is worth it in the end.

Seiko as a brand is well-known for delivering high-quality watches for much less than its competitor Rolex. Some people even say that some Seiko watches are of higher quality than certain Rolexes and buying a Rolex is just a matter of prestige. I partially agree with that and I think that Rolex is a good choice when it comes to prestige BUT people also buy Rolexes for the value they hold over time. Saying that buying a Rolex is just a matter of prestige is wrong. Some people buy Rolex watches for keeping their money in multiple forms. Since cash is somewhat volatile there are a lot of people investing their cash in real estate, government bonds, and why not, Rolexes. So the reasons people buy a Rolex is not for prestige only. Seiko recently came up with the higher-end (and cool looking I might add) Astron line, which is a thought-provoking proposition even for the person considering to buy Rolex.


Another theme of dispute is which of the two brands is better when it comes to outdoor watches. Seiko has a large variety of outdoor and diving watches, worth mentioning being the Prospex line and different SK watches like the Seiko SKX173 or the Seiko SKA371. These are generally sold for prices ranging from $200 to $400 on retail. However, Rolex also comes with a famous outdoor watch, the Rolex Submariner or the Yacht Master II that earned its prestige over time for its reliability and durability but is sold for around $7000.

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The Deepsea is yet another revolutionary diving watch from Rolex which costs even more, at over $10K. While I definitely think Rolex watches are of better quality I do not consider that they are justified the price gap when it comes to solely pragmatic reasons. Again, if you have a lot of money and want prestige, quality and a way to invest your money go for the Rolex, however if you are looking for the best value for your money always choose Seiko.

As a conclusion, I would mention that any type of dispute like this is solved individually by making the decision which fits you best. Only have a couple Benjamins available for getting an outdoor watch? Then your best pick would probably be a Seiko. Have a lot more dollars and want to invest the money in a luxury watch? Then a Rolex might be a fine choice.

As a rule of thumb, I recommend not to guide your purchases based on what people say bad about a certain brand. Just try to weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself whether a brand is a better choice than the other.